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Mental Health Challenges Facing College Students

Learn the challenges college students face in terms of their mental health, and you will not only be knowledgeable but also start taking care of your mind.
People with problems associated with mental health are usually stigmatized. Mental health is all about our well-being which can be emotional and psychological. Also, when you have any stress, are you capable of coping with it well or does it lead to more serious problems. As a student, you might experience some mental health challenges, but it does not mean you’re flawed.
Therefore, mental health involves a person's reasoning, mood, and emotions. It is all about our state of well-being. It helps in the determination of how we handle stressful situations, our relationships, and how to handle different challenges.
In this post, I'll walk you through these challenges that students face regarding their mental health, thereby helping you become aware of it.

1. Depression

One in 10 young people has experienced a period of major depression. It is one of the most common forms of problems most students will experience in college. Therefore, depression is how you think, feel, and act being negatively affected.
It is normal to feel sad, for example, when you lose a loved one, but when that sadness becomes severe, leading you to become hopeless, depression kicks in. As a student, you have to keep your grades up, do class projects, get a part-time job, and still set time to socialize.
All these tasks you have to do can be overwhelming and getting stressed is likely. This can lead you to be irritable, unhappy, feeling tired, being sleep deprived, and depressed mood setting in. But you can recognize if you have depression when you no longer enjoy hanging out with friends and think about death often.
Also, a depressed person can struggle with taking care of self or daily hygiene where brushing teeth or wearing clean clothes are impossible. Fortunately, depression can be treated by psychotherapy and prevented by not panicking and paying attention to your mental health.

2. Anxiety

It's having this nervousness, uneasiness, and being anxious about one thing or another. You are also fearful or scared of what might happen. It's normal for everyone to feel anxiety once in a while, but if it persists, a mental health challenge might arise.
As a student moving to a new place, trying to make friends on campus, balancing work and study, and even finding out why to write college essay for me can be stressful and fill you with anxiety. Therefore, if you are restless, irritable, are worrying constantly, and have sleep problems, then you might just be anxious.
When not handled or taken care, anxiety will become a disorder. This might include social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Most college students have experienced either of these and getting assistance is necessary. This anxiety can lead to you experiencing panic attacks and spending time alone or in isolation is not a solution. Start by thinking positive, relax, sleep, and talk to someone.
A student with mental health issues should never be discriminated against or avoided. They are not broken and can easily get help like trying psychotherapy or counselling. Colleges can encourage students to not be ashamed because of their depression and anxiety. By showing that they are not alone, not only helps a student but brings a community together.