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Theoretical Approach


I use a variety of approaches and techniques, depending upon the particular problems we are working on, and depending upon whether we are doing individual or couples work. However, what I emphasize most are the two approaches, together or separately, described briefly below.


The psychology of parts addresses the natural multiplicity of mind that is characteristic of all humans. This multiplicity is evident in such statements as, “A part of me wants to leave him, but a part of me wants to stay and try to work it out.” And, “A part of me wants to tell my boss to go to hell, but another part says we need the money.” These “parts” that express such contradictory tendencies are the natural segments of the mind. We can work directly with these parts, healing them or negotiating with them to bring about lasting and positive change. For an in-depth description of Parts Psychology see the Keynote Address: . For one of the sources of my approach see the IFS model at


This approach assumes that most mental health problems are the result of your personal history. Certainly, the stresses you are under in the present require serious attention. At the same time most present problems are just the most recent difficulties in a longer line of difficulties. Trauma therapy addresses the life experiences, most often large and small traumas, that are the foundation of your present problems. Once you successfully process these earlier experiences, your present difficulties are easily dealt with. The mountains before you often become mere bumps in the road. Trauma therapy removes the blocks to positive functioning in the present by neutralizing the negative experiences from your past.

Working in this way can be combined with Parts Psychology, with EMDR, or with both. See also

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